Stokeinteignhead Flood Risk

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If you are viewing this page before September 11th please see the ‘County Plans’ page for details of an open meeting to discuss progress on our Flood Alleviation Scheme. Meeting is in St. Andrew’s Church starting at 7.00 pm

Welcome to the Stokeinteignhead Flood Risk Page.

This is a new page on the village website to keep everyone informed about what is being done by Devon County, Teignbridge and your local Parish Council to keep the village safe.

Select a page and you will find a current copy of the Village Emergency Plan, details of the proposed plans for flood alleviation work around the village as well as regular updates from Devon County.

There is also a page with updates supplied to our community volunteers which everyone is encouraged to read.

If you would like to join our group of volunteers please contact Bernard Stanley on:-

I will forward a volunteer form for you to complete and return.