Devon County Plans

This page contains the responses to our local queries from 2015 together with an outline of their preferred options for the flood alleviation measures to protect the village.

The Flood forum:-

Fred Cornes, Matthew Fearn (chair), Clive Smith, Bernard Stanley and Paul Stoneman

assisted in the production of the 2015 report by Consultant Engineer Nigel Smith, on behalf of DCC. Following the publication of the report three local meetings were arranged covering the proposed work in three different areas of the village. Nigel Smith produced an abridged version of the report to inform us of the proposed works in those areas prior to the meetings. Those documents can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Gabwell – V Hall precis V1 05.10.15

Deane Rd and centre of village precis V2

Forches Hill and Church Lane precis V1

Our concerns were collated and passed to DCC, their responses and their preferred options can also be viewed by clicking on the links below.

DCC’s responses to our queries and concerns DCC Responses

DCC preferred options as at Nov 2015 flood Options Presentation Nov 2015