Devon County Plans

September 2018 update.

The problems to the South of the village are still unresolved, the work described below continues although it is looking ever more likely that the culvert under Stoke Road will be considered financially unviable. Meetings between the DCC’s flood risk department and their design team took place in August and

Martin Hutchins will attend the Parish Council meeting in St. Andrew’s Church on September 11th to update us on the current position. The meeting is open to everyone, start time is 7.00 pm, please attend if you can.

This page contains updates on the ongoing Flood Alleviation work as well as archive material detailing DCC’s responses to our local queries from 2015 together with an outline of their preferred options for the flood alleviation measures to protect the village.

Updates from DCC regarding the flood alleviation work have been rather ‘bland’ for some time as sites to the south of the village have proved unsuitable or unacceptable and the timeline for works has ‘stalled’ for the moment while they investigate other solutions. DCC are unable to apply for funding and proceed with other work until they have a complete project to present.

With no site for a holding pond to the south of the village DCC have been surveying Stoke Road and School Road with a view to constructing a new culvert to speed water to the lower end of the village where drainage has already been improved. They have found that the services under the road are making it difficult to identify a route which would enable them to provide a pipe of the size they consider necessary. This work is ongoing, we will keep you in touch when more detail is available.

DCC also surveyed Deane Road with a view to improving the drainage. They have agreed that this work could be carried out in advance of the main project, again we will update you when we have more information.

Initial hydraulic modelling is now complete although the monitoring equipment remains in place for the moment.

Suitable sources of soil for the holding ponds have been identified and negotiations with landowners are ongoing.

The Flood forum assisted in the production of the 2015 report by Consultant Engineer Nigel Smith, on behalf of DCC. Following the publication of the report three local meetings were arranged covering the proposed work in three different areas of the village. Nigel Smith produced an abridged version of the report to inform us of the proposed works in those areas prior to the meetings. Those documents can be viewed by clicking the links below.

Gabwell – V Hall precis V1 05.10.15

Deane Rd and centre of village precis V2

Forches Hill and Church Lane precis V1

Our concerns were collated and passed to DCC, their responses and their preferred options can also be viewed by clicking on the links below.

DCC’s responses to our queries and concerns DCC Responses

DCC preferred options as at Nov 2015 flood Options Presentation Nov 2015