Emergency Plan

Carol French and Bernard Stanley, on behalf of the Parish Council, have been working hard over the last year to produce an Emergency Plan to help us cope with the risks which could threaten our village.

With the help of the response team members, and assistance and guidance from DCC’s Mike Rose and Jessica Bott (now Bishop, congratulations) we have produced a plan tailored to the needs of our village. It contains information which should help us prepare for a variety of events which could cause problems for the village.

The plan is only as effective as the group of volunteers who support it. If you would like to join that group please see the contact details at the end of the page.

The plan has secured £2,500 of funding for the purchase of emergency equipment and the promise of training for our response team and volunteers. This should help us cope more efficiently with problems in the future.

To view the plan please click on the link below.

Stokeinteignhead EP June 2017 restricted

We are informed that the plan will be asked for by the emergency services when they arrive should a problem threaten the village.

The plan must provide up to date information about the key areas at risk, resources available and other local knowledge.

The plan is still not finished, we are still gathering information and preparing plans for the coming winter but it already contains a wide range of information regarding action we can take to reduce risks, appropriate action in the event of a problem, contact details both for County departments and for our local response team members.

Please read the plan and let us know if you think there is information we have omitted or inaccuracies which should be corrected. We are anxious to make it as accurate and complete as possible.

Please remember the plan is only as effective as the volunteers who support it. Our volunteers always turn out, often without being asked, on wet, cold nights to check water flow and to clear drains and buddle holes. Their commitment should be greatly appreciated by all of us.

If you would like to join our group of volunteers please contact:-


I will forward a volunteer form for you to complete and return.

Many Emergency plans are now published on the internet to assist other communities to prepare their own. We consulted three communities which had ‘similar problems’ to our own They can be viewed by clicking the links below:-

Ottery St Mary Emergency Plan

Uplyme Emergency Plan November 2014

Newton St. Cyres Emergency Planfeb 2015

We should also thank the co-ordinators of Kingsbridge and Ivybridge plans for their advice, everyone has been most helpful.