Volunteer updates

April 2020 Update

I’m afraid the current pandemic has changed all our lives to some extent and the proposed flood alleviation work in the village is no exception.

Concerns over the safety of their staff forced Western Power Distribution and DCC’s contractors to halt the road works in the village. The work on Deane Road itself has been completed allowing the road to be reopened but the project in School Road will not take place until such time as Government restrictions are ‘eased’.

DCC has assured us that they are still working, although most are working from home, and they are still actively pursuing the programme of Property Level Resilience work to protect vulnerable properties in the village. The timescale for this work is also uncertain but DCC will update us as soon as they are able.

At the moment we are enjoying a period of dry weather but we are all aware how quickly that can change. Many of our volunteer group are busy helping residents by delivering food from the village shop or offering to collect prescriptions but we also need to keep an eye on drains and buddle holes to make sure an unexpected downpour does not add to our problems.

Thanks to all our volunteers and the many other villagers who are all pulling together to keep the village ‘ticking over’, let’s hope we can overcome this situation quickly and safely.

December 2019 Update.

We now know that the original flood alleviation scheme has been replaced by PLR property level resilience where individual properties, considered ‘at risk’, are protected by flood resistant gates or doors as appropriate.

Due to the number of ‘listed’ buildings in our community progress depends on the approval of the listing authorities for the measures proposed for several properties and until agreement can be reached on these measures DCC are unable to put the work out to tender.

The original timescale was that the measures would be in place by Christmas and County are frustrated that ‘Santa’ will be carrying sandbags in his sledge instead.

We will keep you up to date when we have a firm timescale for the work to continue.

In the meantime the efforts of our volunteer group are very important in keeping water flowing where it should and protecting our community.

Our thanks to all of you.

Communities Prepared volunteer training September 2017

Our volunteer group is regularly updated with progress on the flood alleviation work and also with opportunities offered to us by various County, and Government organisations.

Our Volunteer Training Session took place on Saturday 24th September at the village hall between 10 am and 4 pm. Twenty two members of our volunteer group attended the training session which made for a lively day with lots of questions and discussion.

The trainers, from Communities Prepared/Groundworks were very impressed with the number of volunteers enrolled and the enthusiasm and commitment of the group. All the expenses of the session were paid for by the training body using Lottery Funding.

The organisers are also supplying much of the emergency equipment identified in our Emergency Plan so that we are better prepared to cope with problems in the future. Some of the funding from DCC via the Pathfinder Project, already awarded to help provide equipment identified in the Emergency Plan, has been used to provide a shed to accommodate the more bulky items. The shed has been sited behind the village hall and was erected with help from volunteers and a VH committee member. Thanks to all of them for their help and good humour.